“How I Got From My Not-Baby to Everyone Else” (finalist in the 2019 Editor’s Prize, Porter House Review, forthcoming, 2020)

“Poem in which you must check the box that most accurately describes you” (forthcoming, Porkbelly Press: “Love Me, Love My Belly,”2020)

“Girls Just Wanna Be Fish: The Little Mermaid and curious young women” (Bright Lights Film Journal, May 25, 2020)

“Green, Green Grass: Against Optimism” (Feminista Journal, January 30, 2020)

“More Perfect” (Chaleur Magazine, Spring 2019)

“This Place is Beautiful, This Place is Gross” (Oregon Humanities Magazine: “Beyond the Margins,” 2019)

“Structure Where There Used To Be Nature” (Big Fiction, Issue 8, Spring 2019)

“A Feminist Method of Reading: Anna Kavan and the Illusion of Continuity” (Entropy, March 18, 2019)

“The Uses of Grumpiness” (Culturework, winter 2019)

“I Love Chris” (Entropy, November 20, 2018)

“My Brain is a Slut” (Utterance: A Journal, New Moon Offering, August 10, 2018)

“Providing Poem” (Culturework, Spring 2018)

“Poet in Space” (So to Speak, Spring 2018)

“Disease with a Purpose: Ex-Boyfriends, Abortion and The Fly” (Bright Lights Film Journal, February 19, 2018)

“Silence, or misunderstanding” (long listed in the Cosmonauts Avenue 2017 Non-Fiction Prize, January 2018)

“In Defense of Infiltration” (ASAP/J, November 9, 2017)

“Women, witches, & wellness” (on Anne Sexton, for many gendered mothers)

“The Future of the Lying Body, Overly Attached to Language” (Black Warrior Review, 2016 Non-Fiction Contest runner-up)

Somewhere the / shaking (print chapbook, above/ground press)

(and a review of Somewhere the / shaking in Broken Pencil Magazine)

“I wish I was a professional field-sound impersonator but instead I am a bug” (DUSIE: Tuesday poem #220)

“Manic Pixie Dream Cervix” (The Feminist Wire)

You’re Just an Object to Me (digital chapbook, our teeth press)

Excerpt from Notes on the post-body (Illuminati Girl Gang, Vol. 4)

Excerpt from Notes on the post-body (Gesture, Issue 3)


Conversations and Interviews:

Touch the Donkey supplement #56: seven questions for Sarah Cook (rob mclennan)

A conversation with Jane Joritz-Nakagawa (Horse Less Press)


Older Reviews:

on TC Tolbert’s Gephyromania (Horse Less Press)

on Jenny Drai’s The New Sorrow is Less Than the Old Sorrow (Horse Less Press)


and elsewhere.