“My Brain is a Slut” (Utterance: A Journal, New Moon Offering, August 10, 2018)

“Providing Poem” (Culturework, Spring 2018)

“Poet in Space” (So to Speak, Spring 2018)

“Disease with a Purpose: Ex-Boyfriends, Abortion and The Fly” (Bright Lights Film Journal, February 19, 2018)

“Silence, or misunderstanding” (long listed in the Cosmonauts Avenue 2017 Non-Fiction Prize, January 2018)

“In Defense of Infiltration” (ASAP/J, November 9, 2017)

“Women, witches, & wellness” (on Anne Sexton, for many gendered mothers)

“The Future of the Lying Body, Overly Attached to Language” (Black Warrior Review, 2016 Non-Fiction Contest runner-up)

Somewhere the / shaking (print chapbook, above/ground press)

(and a review of Somewhere the / shaking in Broken Pencil Magazine)

“I wish I was a professional field-sound impersonator but instead I am a bug” (DUSIE: Tuesday poem #220)

“Manic Pixie Dream Cervix” (The Feminist Wire)

You’re Just an Object to Me (digital chapbook, our teeth press)

Excerpt from Notes on the post-body (Illuminati Girl Gang, Vol. 4)

Excerpt from Notes on the post-body (Gesture, Issue 3)


Conversations and Interviews:

Touch the Donkey supplement #56: seven questions for Sarah Cook (rob mclennan)

A conversation with Jane Joritz-Nakagawa (Horse Less Press)



on TC Tolbert’s Gephyromania (Horse Less Press)

on Jenny Drai’s The New Sorrow is Less Than the Old Sorrow (Horse Less Press)


and elsewhere.